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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife in Neyyar, Kerala

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary has varied vegetation from tropical evergreen forests to grasslands. Agasthyakoodam at 1890 meters above sea level is the highest elevation of this wildlife sanctuary which is home to elephants, sloth bear, Nilgiri Tahr, jungle cat, wild boar, Nilgiri Langur, etc. There is also a crocodile rearing centre, deer farm and lion safari park near the Neyyar dam site.

The sanctuary strectches from Neyyatinkara Taluk to the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. It is the drainage basin of the Neyyar river and its tributaries -- Mullayar and Kallar -- which originate in Agasthyarkoodam, the second highest peak in Kerala.

Reaching Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary: The nearest airport is at Thiruvananthapuram (32 km away) while the nearest railhead is also at Thiruvananthapuram.