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Travel to Malappuram

Malappuram: City of the Braves

Tours to Malappuram, Kerala

Basically a hilly area, Malappuram, 50 km southeast of Kozhikode is rich in history. It was the military headquarters of the Zamorins of Kozhikode in the olden days. With such a tradition, it was in this area that the famous Mappila uprisings against the British East India Company in Kerala took place. Malappuram is also well known as a centre of Vedic learning and Islamic philosophy in addition to being the home of the famed Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, pioneers of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment in Kerala..

The small town of Kottakkal, 12 km from Malappuram, is the centre of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment. It is home of the home of the well-known Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, the pioneer institution of the indigenous system of health and medicine.

A centre of great learning in both Hindu and Islamic philosophies, one of the prime attractions of Mallapuram is the Jama-at Mosque, an important pilgrim centre for the Muslims of Kerala. The mosque's four day Nercha festival every year is celebrated in April. Beside the mosque is the mausoleum of the Malappuram martyrs who gave their lives in Mappila uprising.

Just off Malappuram is Tanur, a small coastal fishing town and one of the earliest Portuguese settlements. St. Francis Xavier is believed to have visited Tanur in 1546. The Keraladeshapuram Temple, three km away from Tanur, is a must see since it is one of the oldest temples in the state.

Outside Malappuram is Nilambur, the home of Kerala's oldest aboriginal tribe, the Cholainaickans. In the same place is Canoli's Plot, the world's oldest teak and bamboo plantation.

Reaching Malappuram: The nearest airport is at Kozhikode, 36 km away, while the nearest railway station is also Kozhikode or Calicut. Malappuram is well connected with major cities in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.