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Kerala Backwater Tours

An experience that is not to be missed on your tour to Kerala is a journey along the serene backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters of Kerala are unique and can be found nowhere else in the world. Kerala backwater Tours will take you on a journey through a complex network of lakes, canals, estuaries and deltas of 44 rivers that make their way to the Arabian Sea. Rich in marine life, the Kerala backwaters connect villages together and are still the only means of local transport. Over 900 km of this labyrinthine water world is navigable on Kerala Backwater Tours.

Kerala Backwater Tour

Kerala Hotels and Tours takes you on Kerala Backwater Tours to the most scenic backwaters in Kerala India.

The largest backwater stretch in the state is the Vembanad Lake which flows through three districts and reaches out into the sea at Kochi Port. That is followed by the Astamudi Lake -- literally eight arms signifying the eight mudis or canals -- which covers a major portion of Kollam district in the south, considered the gateway to the backwaters, which you can see on backwater tours to Kerala.

The most exciting thing - at least for the tourist -- on backwaters tours of Kerala, however, is the Kettuvallom or the traditional houseboat. A houseboat making its leisurely way across the vast green expanse of the backwaters is a fascinating sight indeed. Imagine how much more amazing and enchanting would be a Backwaters Tour in the houseboats of Kerala.

The Kerala of the backwaters is different from the Kerala of the cities and towns. The backwater villages have their own unique culture and a visitor to these shores can have a totally new experience of Kerala life floating around in a country craft or a houseboat on Kerala Backwater Tours. Let us begin our Kerala Backwater Tour at Alappuzha with its maze of backwaters, canals and bridges. As you make your way out of Alappuzha through the rice bowl of Kuttanad, you will often find your boat moving on water, the level of which is often higher than that of the green fields on either side. Cruise on to Kochi via the backwaters and you will get an opportunity to see many beautiful sights along the way, such as the Chinese fishing nets, which are believed to have been introduced into Kerala by the traders from Kublai Khan's court.

A beautiful backwater spot accessible from Alappuzha is Kumarakom. Breathtakingly green, the little village seems to be sleeping peacefully by the Vembanad Lake. The lush green of the countryside gently mixes with the swaying coconut palms and blends into the waters. Kumarakom is so enchanting that in the last century an Englishman, Henry Baker, fell in love with the place and built his bungalow there. Today, the elegant and stylish mansion is a tourist complex. Next door to Kumarakom is the well-known 14-acre Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. A haven for water ducks, Siberian birds and many more species from half way across the world, the sanctuary is a pleasure to visit in any season. But the best time is winter for it is then that birds come in droves. A golden yellow island, Pathiramanal, is also in Vembanad Lake and must not be missed. From there to Kochi is a short ride but one that will take you to a world of peace and quiet, along the backwaters of Kerala India.

You could take another route from Alappuzha to Kollam. Your cruise will take you up the Pampa river to the island hamlet of Champpakkulam, and then on to the Karumadi Canal. Take a moment to see the statue of Karumadikuttan, believed to be the Buddha. Locals believe it is a legacy of the time when Buddhist monks came to Kerala to preach their message of peace. Then your kettuvallom will go past Trikunnapuzha across the Kayamkulam and Ashtamudi Lake to end your Kerala Backwater Tour at the ancient port of Kollam or Quilon.

Enjoy Kerala Backwater tours along the beautiful backwaters of Kerala on your tours to Kerala India.