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Hotels in Kerala

Hotels in Kerala,Kerala Hotels,Hotels in Kerala

Kerala is a destination that is best enjoyed in the company of your dear ones, while staying at hotels in Kerala. Let us take you to the sun-kissed waters of the Indian Ocean lapping at your feet, to miles and miles of pristine beaches and enchanting tree-lined waterways.

Welcome to Kerala, India's most beautiful state, which you can experience while staying at hotels in Kerala India. Kerala is an exotic cocktail of the very best that Nature can offer. Soak in the gentle beauty of the tropical south where the flowers are especially bright, their fragrance strong and the trees look exceedingly elegant like the pencil-slim areca palm. Above all, exult in plenty, for when God created Kerala, He wanted it to be remembered as a land of abundance. So, there are tons of coconuts and cashew, heaps of spices and generous amounts of fish. Add to that a generous sprinkling of rivers, mountains and some of the world's finest beaches with sands of many hues. These spectacular features have attracted the adventurous from all over the world, who come to enjoy th ebeauty of Kerala while staying at hotels in Kerala.

Come, it is time to fall for the charms of Kerala.

Hotels in Kerala range from luxury beach resorts to economy hotels for the budget traveler. Kerala is just the place for you if you love natural surroundings, peace and tranquility. Let's start the most fascinating voyage you will ever take in your life. Sample Kerala's cities with all their glitz and glamour, or slink away to the villages to simply get a first-hand experience of how time can stand still. Or, better still take a trip to the spice gardens to inhale the fragrance of fresh cardamoms. If that makes your tastebuds dream of food, you need not worry. Kerala's cuisine is known for its spicy, hot flavours. The coconut and spices give the food - especially the seafood -- its pungency that is enhanced by tamarind. Your meal would be incomplete without the appam, rasam, fish curry and the delicious payasam. To wash it down, sip the naturally refreshing water of a tender coconut. And, when your heart and purse strings allow, move into the markets to shop for gold, handicrafts, spices, cashewnuts and coffee. Bargain-hunters will never have a problem since English is spoken and understood throughout the most literate state of India.

Where do we begin? Take the country road or row down the backwaters or just fly in to Thiruvananthapuram international airport, at the state capital. Do not miss out the unique museum set in an amusement park in. Barely half-an-hour by car from Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is Kovalam, one of the best beaches in the country. You can stay at Kovalam as many tourists do and take the occasional sight-seeing trip to the capital city. There is, however, a lot to see such as the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple and Padmanabhapuram Palace, as well as many good hotels in Trivandrum where you can stay.

Then there is Kochi or Cochin, with its fine natural harbour. Steeped in history and tradition, the magnificent buildings near the harbour reflect the styles of the Dutch and Portuguese who lived there once upon a time. Not too far inside the city is the country's only Jewish enclave, Jewtown, with its own synagogue. The state is rich in cultural and ethnic diversity. There are ancient temples with copper roofs while the mosques are unique with what is known as the Malabar gables. The churches are not far behind with a touch of colonial Portuguese architecture. You can chooe from heritage hotels or modern beach resorts in Cochin.

For the history conscious, Kerala's society is an experiment in harmonious coexistence. The multitude of faiths - Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and a number of Christian sects - live in absolute peace with each other.

Kochi preserves Kerala's traditional art forms and it will be worthwhile to take in a lecture-demonstration of a lively Kathakali performance. If you want to see grandeur, there are temple festivals almost every day and they are held with richly-caparisoned elephants. You could also take in the breathtaking Kalaripattu, India's answer to karate and judo. The famous boat race is another event that must not be missed for the entire world. These are all part of Kerala's remarkable heritage and can be seen almost everywhere you go in the state. Barely six hours away by road from Kochi through thick forests, rubber and spice plantations, south India's tea growing area, quaint Munnar with its old world charm would be ready to welcome you, when you stay at hotels in Munnar Kerala.

Do road journeys tire you? Well, take the water cruise from Kottayam to Alappuzha on old paddy boats that have been transformed into pleasure pontoons. It will be a journey you will remember for your life.

But wait there's more to Kerala. There is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the enchanting waterfalls at Athriapilly, Thommankuthu, Chethalayam and Soochipara.

Tired already? There are a host of nature cure resorts and herbal massages practitioners ready to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Most hotels in Kerala have a spa or Ayurveda therapy center where you can feel the healing powers of Ayurveda

Doesn't Kerala sound exciting? There is fine weather right through the year - neither too hot nor too cold though the best time to plan your tour would be from November to February. It is no wonder that National Geographic Magazine has named Kerala as one of the world's 50 greatest places to visit in a lifetime. Enjoy your visit to Kerala, when you relax in luxury at hotels in Kerala India.

Hotels in Kerala