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Kerala Fairs and Festivals

Festivals in Kerala

Kerala with its beautiful landscapes has more than enough reason to celebrate. And the varied culture of the state has given expression to a colorful mosaic of festivals and fairs. The spirit of celebration is very much a part of the ethos of the state and visitors who have not witnessed any festival are missing out a lifetime's experience. The festivities, which go on throughout the year, make Kerala more vibrant than any other tourist destination around the world. Every season ushers in new festivals, each one a true celebration of the bounties of nature. Not only do these celebrations display the harmony among the diverse faiths of people of the state, but they are also times for fun and excitement. It is the time to clean and decorate houses, to get together with friends and relatives and to exchange gifts. So, there are new clothes, dance, music, rituals, prayers, pageantry and processions. Welcome to the land of fairs and festivities

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