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Eid Festivals in Kerala

Id, Kerala Fairs and Festivals

Bakrid or Idul-Azha the festival of sacrifice, is the second of the two important festivals for Muslims in the state. In Kerala, as in other parts of the world, the day begins with every member of Muslim households dressing up in their best attire for prayers at the Id-Gah, the wide open space set aside for public prayers in towns and villages. The congregational prayers are led by the Imam.

After the ceremonial Id prayer, the Imam addresses the devotees, exhorting them to be conscious of their duties to God. Once the sermon is over, it is time to exchange greetings and the customary hug to signify brotherhood. The festivity continues at homes with celebratory feasts and social visits. Muslim women in Kerala pay visits to the neighbouring homes and take part in singing and dancing. In the evenings, special meetings are held in which members of non-Islamic communities participate. Such meetings are perfect examples of the spirit of tolerance and mutual friendship that exist between communities in the state.

The other more important Muslim festival is Idul-Fitr, which comes after a month of strict fasting. In certain parts of Kerala, some new practices in connection with the celebrations have been introduced like the invitation to members of sister communities to participate in Id functions.