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Adventure Tour of Kerala

Adventure tour of Kerala

Kerala's thick forests, mountains and the calm backwaters offer opportunities for the adventurous in more ways than one. While the mountain ranges on the eastern border of Kerala beckon the wildlife and environment enthusiast to try out the interesting trekking routes, the forests of the Periyar tiger reserve provide fascinating sights of both flora and fauna. The eco-traveller will get a chance to see some enchanting creatures in their natural habitat like the flying squirrels, elephants or even a tiger. Birds abound in the forests and so does rarely seen butterflies like the Malabar Tree Nymph. In addition, the joys of mountain biking through acres of cardamom, spices or coffee plantations are an experience worth taking.

The plains too are no exception with an abundance of canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers. The famed backwaters with their distinct landscape are found nowhere else in the world. They open out to the visitor to experience the rural life of Kerala. The best way to see Kerala first-hand is to go around cycling or canoeing down the backwaters. Some of well known adventure sports of Kerala are backwater biking, canoeing, hiking, trekking, water sports and wildlife tours.